Renwick Drive Construction Update

(Work Completed 2017)

The City of Houston is replacing the existing sanitary sewer line that runs along Renwick Drive from Braeswood Boulevard to Gulfton Street. The project will install a 54 inch gravity flow sanitary sewer line beside the existing underground storm water and sanitary sewer lines running along Renwick Drive. The project is estimated to last three years. A micro-tunneling technique will be used to dig and install the 54 inch line. The current plan includes digging 25 foot deep and wide pits down Renwick Drive in locations strategic to tunneling equipment limits and equipment required for future cleaning of the line.

The tunneling equipment and pits will run down Renwick requiring traffic control while the equipment is in the area. Keep an eye out for the lighted signs warning drivers of upcoming road closures and honor all detours. Maplewood Civic Club is working with the Project Manager to minimize the impact on homeowners adjacent to the work. Every attempt is being made to maintain access to all driveways along the route. Crews will be working from 7 am to 7 pm daily. No night activities are in the plan.

The tunneling is starting at Braesmont Boulevard and moving north along Renwick Drive. The first work pit affecting Renwick Drive traffic will be at the Birdwood Road area. Work pits will be spaced approximately every two blocks. As the project moves north, new work pits will open and the completed pits will be back filled. The streets south of the work will be reopened to normal traffic patterns as the work crew moves north along Renwick Drive.

Please be careful as detoured traffic will be moving through our neighborhood streets.

Renwick Drive Construction Update March 25, 2015

The tunnel is completed north up to Imogene. The tunnel machine is now setting up at the intersection of Grape and Renwick. The next section to tunnel will be back to the receiving hole at Imogene to the south and north to the Darnell receiving hole from the Grape location. While this tunnel is being worked, the open hole on Renwick just south of Beechnut is being prepared. Traffic is quite tight in that area now. There may be some total road closures of Renwick and Carew for a few hours at a time while lifts of big steel beams are occurring over the roadway and placed around this hole. Please heed the road signs for our own safety. Every attempt is being made to accommodate resident’s entry to their driveway in the areas of Renwick that are closed.