Mailed May 9, 2016

Dear Maplewood Neighbors,

The Maplewood Civic Club (MCC) recently sent ballots to all property owners and conducted an election for a mandatory Special Assessment for the purpose of funding a security patrol for the Maplewood subdivision.

The election was held as announced on April 28th and the results were as follows:

191 of the 523 owners voted
146 owners, 76% of the ballots, voted for the Special Assessment
45 owners, 24% of the ballots, voted against the Special Assessment

Maplewood has voted FOR the Special Assessment and for a security patrol.

Therefore, the Maplewood Civic Club will levy, as stated in the ballot language, a $175.00 fee on all property owners for the purpose of hiring S.E.A.L. Security for a 40-hour security patrol for Maplewood. S.E.A.L was recommended by the MCC Board because of their list of services, value and recent track record of success in a number of neighborhoods that have employed their services. 

Presently, the Board is working with S.E.A.L. to sign a contract and put an active patrol in place, hopefully by July 1st. The billing statement is enclosed for you to submit payment. All payments are due by July 31st. We ask everyone to promptly submit their payments so that we have adequate funding on hand to start the patrol. 

As with our annual dues, this Special Assessment is mandatory for all owners and constitutes a personal obligation.

In the coming days, we hope to forward information from/about S.E.A.L on their services (such as vacation watch), a dispatch number for rapid response and other information that we hope will maximize their effectiveness and make for a safer Maplewood. 

Maplewood members can also contribute extra money toward the security patrol fund if they desire. We are starting the fund from zero and need to build a reserve. 

We believe the addition of a security patrol will be a powerful deterrent to crime and significantly contribute to higher property values for Maplewood. Certainly, real estate professionals and new buyers have been extremely positive when told of the pending assessment and security patrol.

Please give us a call if we can answer any questions. Thanks for making Maplewood a great place to live.

Phil Kunetka